House of Destiny - Recovery Healing Restoration
Twisted...Stripped...Flooded and Shattered...After the Storm
by: LGS
    We see them coming and most of the time we ignore all the warning signs. There will always be a change in the atmosphere and dark clouds usually loom overhead.., apparent indicators of an approaching storm.. Sometimes storms slip in during the night when we are not likely to be as observant to weather conditions, and sometimes we are so busy that we never realize anything is going on until it’s upon us. While we are all too familiar with hurricanes and the mode of “hunker down” or the evacuation procedures in our area, we aren’t always prepared for the storms that catch us unaware. A thunderstorm can wreak havoc in one area and five miles down the road have no effects at all.
     Rain is still a welcoming sight around here, especially after experiencing the scorching summer and dreadful drought of 2011. We find ourselves not complaining at all when it rains, even though we are relegated to the indoors.  Our memory hasn’t faded of the deadness of the grass, the lack of flowering plants, the sadness of unproductive gardens, and the devestation of dried up ponds and lakes.
     Recently I took House of Destiny interns on an outing and upon pulling into our driveway we discovered a thunderstorm had passed through. It left its aftermath in our yard.  Tell-tale signs were apparent. Dead limbs that had still been clinging to the oak tree in the front yard had been forced to release their grip and had plummeted to the ground. Imagine my dismay when I saw that one of the larger limbs had crashed into the beautiful birdbath and had shattered it into many pieces.  “What do you want me to do with this?” one of the interns, ask as she picked up some of the pieces. I wrestled with my decision then finally said to trash it. The birdbath had been given to us and I had always tried to make sure there was water in it for the birds during the summer drought. I kept a feeder near the birdbath and one of my simple pleasures was to look outside my office or classroom window and see the birds enjoying what had been provided for them. It always made me think of how Jesus said the birds don’t have to sow or reap. I think it’s a sweet thing how God uses our pleasure in watching his creatures. We take care of them by providing food and water and all they have to do is partake of the provision. I realized that I could put water in a bucket but it wouldn’t be near as pleasant as watching the birds drink from the birdbath that was surrounded by the delicate features in the likeness of angels.
                Storms are a fact of life. The one thing we are aware of is the aftermath of a storm. Storms leave the not-so-subtle signs in their wake. It leaves things shattered and un-repairable. Floods can wash things away. Strong winds can twist the very life out of things. We need to know how to weather the storms, not only such storms as I just mentioned, but also the storms of life.
     At House of Destiny we deal with reality. The reality of women who are trying to survive their storm-ravaged lives. Jesus speaks peace to them just as He did to the storm that the disciples were in. It is through the Peace Speaker...Jesus Himself...that is in the middle of the storm and speaks to the elements and the storm subsides. Once a storm is over, a beautiful thing happens. Nature begins to repair itself through our Creator’s touch. Women heal...they become restored...they begin to burst forth with new life.
     II Cor. 5:17-18 says, “Anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone; a new life has begun!” A fresh start...that’s what women get at House of Destiny. A chance to start over again. The clouds are gone...the winds have ceased to blow...the Peace Speaker has stepped on the scene!
          Let New Life day at a month at a time...for nine months. Celebrate new life with us as we sow the Word of God into fertile soil. Rejoice! Look unto the fields for they are white unto harvest.
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