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Blooming To Dance

     Sharing is one of the beautiful things that happens for House of Destiny. I love flowers, especially those that scent the air with intoxicating fragrances. Two of our faithful teachers, Charlie and Hope Cameron often share their plants with us. Last year they brought a moon flower plant. As it outgrew the pot, I planted it near the classroom steps. It grew to be a massive beautiful plant with pure white blooms that looked almost like trumpets. During the winter it froze back and I wasn’t sure if it would come back out but this spring it began to sprout. As soon as it grew up about a foot high, I transplanted it at the front porch area. I knew we could really enjoy it’s beauty while we sat on the porch.

     A few weeks ago, I was working in the yard while one of the intern’s, Ruby, was watering the plants. I sat on the porch to cool off. I began to observe the moon flower plant. It had become huge and was filled with bloom stems. It was just getting dusky dark an all of a sudden I saw one of the bloom stems give a little jerk and then a slight bump/twist which revealed a slight opening of the bloom. This went on for about thirty minutes with all the bloom stems. About twenty of the bloom stems were giving the most amazing performance which I will call, “the unfolding of the bloom.”  It was amazing to watch them. This went on for about twenty minutes. About every five minutes there would be a bump in the base of the bloom and another slight opening. As darkness came the blooms were completely opened., I witnessed something that only God could have designed. All the flowers slowly pointed in the same direction toward the rising moon.  What happened next had me mesmerized. It was as though the blooms took on a new life. About four or five of the blooms, all at the same time, began to sway in a movement of stretching forward and upward, and then began waving slowly in a smooth movement. It's really hard to describe this majestic movement of the blooms.  As if orchestrated, another bloom would do the same thing...then others. Ruby joined me on the porch as we sat in amazement and saw the moon flower blooms appear to do some sort of "dance."

The other interns came out to join in the audience as we watched “the dance.”  We got my camera and started taking pictures when suddenly these big moths that looked like hummingbirds began to swoop out of nowhere and dive in to the blooms. I remembered a lady telling me about these moths. She said that this is the only way the plant is pollinated. I feel like God allowed the display of this part of His creation just for us. His presence was so near during that time. We saw the flowers dance. As I write this article I still find myself feeling the amazement of that warm summer night.  I don’t know if the blooms have a fragrance but I am almost sure they do. I wonder if they danced to get the attention of the moth or the attention of God? Maybe God wants us to dance for Him...

     One of our teachers, Karen, said that sometimes it's in the darkness that we bloom and begin to dance knowing we are going to produce more of Gods goodness!  I believe that is true. The blooms open just before dark...slowly...then blooms all night and till about noon the next day, then it begins to die. At the base of some of the blooms a seed pod grows that is about the size of a golf ball. It will be full of seeds. Here’s the production. God planned this. More plants will come...produce blooms...and DANCE. People are already asking for seeds since I have been sharing this experience. And….you know what I will be doing with the seeds? Yep….I will be sharing.

     This is what House of Destiny is about. SHARING. Pure and simple SHARING. Volunteers share their time, talent, and gifting to teach our interns. People share of their resources to help see that the needs and vision of House of Destiny are met. I continue to be amazed at the beauty in this DANCE called SHARING. Jesus said, “Follow Me…” He leads and we follow. We are caught in His embrace. I wonder what would happen if we all rushed onto the dance floor at once.  As the music of SHARING plays on, and hearts beat, and feet move in rhythm—quick quick slow; quick, quick slow. Do you hear the beat in your soul? Is your heart in tune with the music? Can you feel the rhythm? Excuse me, Jesus is saying, “May I have this dance? ” It is now that I begin to see the meaning when Jesus says, “Come to me…”  I feel Jesus wanting us to learn His dance step. It’s the “Sharing Dance.”  Reaching out to God while reaching out to others. “The Dance of SHARING and PRODUCING.”


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