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Drug Facts

     Prescribed prescription pain pills invaded the U.S. and overdoses became epidemic around the year 2000. People just don't realize how powerful pain medications really are. Pain meds slows the heart down, (which is a muscle), and lowers the blood pressure. Every 19 minutes we see the consequences of the over-use of pain medications, which results in death.

     Americans take 80% of pain pills in the world! Pain medications, over a short period of time, will make you more sensitive to pain which makes one require more pain meds. Because the pain pills don't seem to be working, people will take more than prescribed which leads to overdose. Pain pills and alcohol don't mix. they are deadly! Enough pain pills are being prescribed to give one pain pill to every person in the world every four hours. Deadly combinations of drugs include pain pills coupled with muscle relaxers, depression, bi-polar, anxiety, alcohol, etc. Many people who have become addicted to pain pills will begin to take combinations of pills, looking to get more pain relief, or to just get high. This is called "stacking."

     Educate yourself...educate your family...educate your place of worship...educate people on your job...educate your community. We can't remain silent. Drugs are killing our children. Drugs are killing parents. It's killing our grandchildren! It may even kill YOU! Don't remain silent...don't stick your head in the sand and pretend you don't see what is happening...pray CHURCH, pray!! Satan is busy in the medication industry. God's people must find their voice and begin to speak out against what the pharmaceutical companies are doing in lining their pockets.

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