House of Destiny - Recovery Healing Restoration
From the Inside Out
     Leaves are popping in some of the trees around these parts of the country, while all the other trees look like vacant houses. We know the blooms in the fruit trees signal that spring is just around the corner. We’re technically in the early stages of spring, with the white blooms compelling us to do stuff like working in the dormant flower beds and getting the garden ready to begin planting.
     It’s not just the flowering trees that raise our expectations; it’s the spell of mild weather that hangs around for a while. We get out in the yard, rake dead winter debris and get that whiff of sun-warmed earth.
     Suddenly everything turns wintry. The cold spring rain makes every day a gray misery.  “I should have known it wouldn’t last,” you moan as the rain drizzles upon the ground. “What a dreamer I was to expect spring to come now.”   Getting that brief sampling of spring is like kids getting a taste of dessert before dinner. It sits over you like a bad mood.
     Instant gratification has ruined it for all of us. It still gets dark before six in the evening. And yet spring dreams come from the oddest sources. A low-pressure system bearing down from the north with rain, wind and cold triggers a thunderstorm.  “At least the wind isn’t cold,” we say, “It’s from the south,” I continue to voice, “Spring is on its way!”
     We should learn not get so carried away by the sight of white pear tree blossoms. Spring will get here on its own schedule. Women will come to our little cozy nook. Somehow they find their way to House of Destiny. Winter winds have blown them around but the thrust of the source of spring propels them along the path to restoration. 
     As women make their entry into House of Destiny, sometimes It’s an early spring start. They recognize a need for change and have a sense of stirring from deep within. As they make a connection with their Creator and release their will to His, then life begins to flow from deep within. Where the eye could see the evidence of winter, it becomes very apparent that something is going on inside.
     It’s amazing how God always begins transformation from the inside out? It’s the nature of man to always try to change from the outside in. Not so with God. No change takes place until He has been invited to come live in the heart of each woman. As she makes that decision, she begins to feel differently. Her desires change. Her outlooks on life change. She begins to reveal her inner self, from the inside out.
     High School students love the homecoming week at school because it’s a different kind of dress-up day. One of the popular days is turning the clothes and wearing them inside out. It all looks so strange and foreign. It also feels weird. Everything has to be done differently. Putting a hand into a pocket becomes very difficult. Buttoning a shirt requires assistance.
     It feels the same way to women who are truly changing from the inside out. Everything is different. They are changing, just like the trees, as the sap begins to flow from the roots. As sap begins to flow like a river, up the tree trunk and out into the branches, we see the evidence. Blooms first, then leaves, then fruit. For women seeking change at House of Destiny, the river of God begins to flow through them, promoting CHANGE, from the INSIDE OUT. Watch for proof. See evidence of HOPE. Look for life...expect for fruit!
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