House of Destiny - Recovery Healing Restoration
She's scared and vulnerable...
Who can she trust?  Where can she turn?  She needs a safe environment. Who will be there for her?
     The Journey to a new life of change begins with one step… a step in the right direction can begin at the “House of Destiny!” Discover your purpose in life, conquer addiction to drugs. God has a better plan for your life. You were created on purpose for a purpose! It’s time to walk into your DESTINY!
House of Destiny offers hope, comfort and stability. 
     Women in our communities feel trapped in a life-style of drug and alcohol addictions. Many are also being released from prison and jails and are jobless, homeless, and hopeless. Where does she go? Where does she turn to? If she returns to her previous environment, she may soon find herself right back where she started. A shame-based idenity causes her to shy away from the people who care about her.
     Research indicates there is a lack of services made available to women who struggle in addictions. It is the desire of House of Destiny to offer an extended hand of help in bringing change to their future. Jesus Christ is the answer in breaking the bondage of drug and alcohol addiction.
    Many families have someone they love that is in desperate need of help. That woman may live next door to you. She may work with you. She may even attend your church. She longs for help but usually lives in denial that she has a problem, therefore, she continues to self-medicate. She may even be what many would be refer to as a "functioning addict." There is no such thing. Addicts merely exist. The pain is real, but she hides it by self medicating. She is weak and vulnerable, unable to cope, spiraling further and further, out of control. Lost in a sea of hopelessness, she continues to loose everything that she once held dear to her heart. She sees no way out...only misery exists. Her bottom is bottomless.
     House of Destiny provides a Christian in-house, residential recovery program. We are committed to partnering with specialists and volunteers in our communities to help serve women in crisis, and help prepare them for a productive life. As House of Destiny equips women in regaining their independence and a determination to establish stable families, then the rates of crime, drug abuse, addictive behaviors, and death by drug overdose will be lowered. 
     Nothing is more amazing than to see women reunited with their families. The destructive path of addictions can be reconstructed into paths of new beginnings, and bright hope-filled futures.
     Our ministry began 7-7-07. Since that time we have discovered an even greater opportunity in meeting the needs of women struggling with addiction to drugs and alcohol. Thousands of women have not reached the point of incarceration or a cemetery, and yet their lives spin out of control while in their addictive lifestyle. These women try to put on a front every day, hoping no one will recognize their horrible secrets. House of Destiny wants to rescue as many women as possible, who desire a change in their lives. We want to be a bridge to help them heal from their past and reach a new life of purpose. In doing so, they will step into their DESTINY!
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