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 Seasons Of Change               

     As I sit at my window, gazing out and realizing how amazing our God is that He is such a beautiful designer. Our world is so very beautiful! I especially love this time of year. Summer is coming to a close and fall is here. The garden has ended it’s cycle of production, flowers are beginning to fade, and the grass needs mowing less often. Leaves are beginning to slowly change shades and some of them are even beginning to fall from the trees. Squirrels are busy scampering about, preparing for a new season.               
     With the arrival of our fall season I do a lot of reflecting. Many questions surface as I begin to do inventory of our past few months. We are nearing the ending of another year of House of Destiny ministry. There have been many other women to come, and for various reasons, have not completed the program. However, each life we have touched with this ministry, whether it was for only a few days or a complete twelve months, has time and money well invested. God’s Word is SEED and it has been planted well into the heart of each woman who entered our door of ministry.               
     Many challenges are presented in this type of ministry. For women to break free of their old lifestyle of drugs and addiction presents even greater challenges than ever imagined. Everything starts brand new…a new season for matter what current season they arrive. Their spring (of new birth) may in another’s season of summer, or another’s season of winter. Every woman goes through a full cycle of season’s as they enter the House of Destiny recovery program. Their growth sometimes becomes erratic and then at other times seem stunted.  There will be burst of blossoms and then fruit production, and then all of a sudden, a drought may appear. The beauty is, God holds the seasons, and He provides the safe-haven for transformation.             
     Only the Gardener knows the extent of the damage a drought, bug infestation, or a late frost can cause to His tender plants. Yet, the Gardener never gives up on His plans for His garden. He knows the importance of the early rains and the latter rains. He knows that weeds spring up around the garden that will appear to suck the life out of the plants. Yet...He so tenderly allows time for the weeding that needs to take place.          this season of Fall...I’m reminded of the importance of the caretakers of the garden. Our volunteer teachers are a vital life-line to our ministry. Their value must never be underestimated.  Faithfully...week after week...they return to the garden to tend the plants. Sometimes it’s a week of fertilizing, other times it’s a week of weeding...and still other times, it’s a week of propping up a plant that has grown weary and is drooping over. All of these volunteer gardener’s are seasoned in The Word of God. They serve The Masters Garden without fail. He leads...they follow. Anyone who has ever planted a garden, knows that in order to take care of it, there is an expense to start and then to maintain it. That’s where there is such a necessity of finances so that the garden can remain productive all year long...year after year. To all of our gardener’s (volunteer teachers), and to all our financers (one-time and monthly financial supporters), and to all our support gardener’s (giving and doing what ever is needed), I commend you! As director of House of Destiny, I want each one of you to know how much I love and appreciate you and all you do for this ministry. On behalf of our Board of Directors of House of Destiny, it is their desire to express their appreciation to you for investing in this ministry. I have said this from the first day this ministry began and it still resonates...this is NOT my ministry! This is NOT Votaw Worship Center’s ministry! This ministry happens in Votaw and it was birthed through Votaw Worship Center because they recognized the need. This IS God’s ministry! This garden is here in Votaw...a little country town in the middle of the woods. I am honored that God has chosen me to serve his daughter’s and their families. Linked together, we all serve in God’s kingdom work here on earth. There are no big “I’s” or little “you’s.” We all do our part. After all...this is God’s garden and we all want to see the FRUIT of our labor. Together we serve...together we tend the garden...together we celebrate the HARVEST—Lives CHANGED –Lives REDEEMED!

“As long as the earth remains, there will be planting and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night.” Genesis 8:22     

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