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The Tree    

     The pin oak tree in the front yard at House of Destiny spoke to me this morning. I walked to the classroom door and was looking out the window just as the sun was just breaking the horizon, in all its splendor, through the edge of the trees. It was a cold morning with a temp of 30 degrees. Everything was covered with frost that was snow white. As I stood there looking at God’s winter beauty…in contrast to the stark deadness of winter’s toll…it was amazing how everything appeared dead but seemed to have a life of its own. Laying on the ground, under the tree, were dead branches, clumps of mistletoe, and leaves.  What had once been a part of the tree were now only memories of a season that was now over. Soon there would be new growth emerging from the limbs of the oak tree that were now dormant. Soon the birds would once again flutter around the tree branches as they gathered twigs, grass, and various objects in preparing their nest for a new season.     
      A feeling of sadness begins to touch my heart when I look at the dead things on the ground. I don’t know why I feel this almost overwhelming sense of loss. I realize that just earlier in the year, these now dead branches were once filled with life and bursting forth with provision. Provision? That’s a word that seems strange to come up concerning a dead tree branch. Anyway…with that being said, I now allow my thoughts to drift to the future. I realize I can’t allow myself to get distracted by dead things. I must keep my eyes focused on the promise of a new season. Looking at dead stuff can certainly bring its distractions if we permit it to do so…or…we can allow it to teach us things. Now, I recognize that as a new season comes, dead things must go. God shakes us up like that. He knows what is best for us. I love it, that as I recognize the process taking place, I get a giddy feeling on the inside. I realize that it took the winter season to prepare the oak tree for its new growth season. It took the struggle of the winter to transition the tree to a new season and move it into productivity.
     Sometimes we just don’t get it…we don’t understand the whole process of an inside job. The greatest struggle for what goes on in a tree is always on the inside. It’s very busy trying to regenerate for a new season. In order for that to happen it has to let go of the dead and non-productive things that are just hanging on. Leaves are only the dressing of the tree while the limbs provide the leaves a home. The bark on the tree is its covering so it’s not hard for the tree to stretch and outgrow its cover. And...then there are the “suckers” that must be dealt with. Like a dog shaking water off of it’s furry body, a tree must rid itself of the mistletoe...the parasite that sucks life from the tree. Only when it is dislodged through the winds and rain does the tree become free of the burden of the life sucker. They don’t let go easily.
     And so…folks…this is where God teaches me. This is where He shows me that we are not unlike a tree. We have to let go of things…an old season…in order to embrace the new season. That’s what we teach a woman who comes to House of Destiny. We teach how to let go of the old, while embracing the new. It’s a new season. It’s a new opportunity. It’s a new life. Doors of opportunity are being flung open. A breath of fresh air is blowing through with a hint of possibilities on the horizon. It will be a season of stretching and one of growing pains. And when all is said and done, this season will dress up our world with a glorious array of beauty. And then we will turn around and say, “What’s that fragrance she is wearing?”…and we will all reply…”It’s called ‘New Season’.” We will all rejoice and say, “She sure left a lot of dead stuff behind!” Ahhhh….yes she did…and we helped.


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